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GyroHead 2b

3 axis gyrostabilised camera platform

 Gyrohead voiture travelling
precise, strong and reliable: gyrostabilized camera mount B type to be used on any ground based support: 



  • the lightest gyrostab head: 20 kg.
  • Electronically stabilized head  (3 axis gyros) - (Electronic Control Servo Loops).
  • High definition joystick control.
  • Accept any film or video camera up to 30kgs.
  • To be used on crane (technocrane, scorpio, xtrem), camera car, boat, helicopter (upon local regulation..)
  • Able to shoot top shot.
  • Can be suspended or raised.
  • Roll axis up to 360°  (depending the size of the camera)
  •  3rd Axis on pedal or joystick
  • Back pan and auto level horizon.
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Radio control  (coming soon).
  • Sealed for wet & harsh environments
  • Hole through Pan axis for best compatibility with HD camera cables
  • Quick set up (less than 30 mn)
  • Specially priced for a complete set with short crane CTG 12
  • accessory: shock absorber to be used in bad conditions (sea, shooting of road, forest,...) see videos.

watch our videos: sample of use

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